Recognise the 80’s Amul Chocolates  jingle the line above has been inspired from? Then welcome to my world- the world of the generation stuck in the greys of the color spectrum ranging from orthodox India to the who-gives-a-damn West.

We’re the girls who grew up in simple, formula times. When villains were bad men who raped virgin heroines(Most famous of them being, of course, real life villain Shakti Kapoor). When studies were important, but success was not because the future was de-motivating- it was overweight, domesticated and home-bound. When Hindi was Hindi and English was oh-so-posh English with few overlaps such as your foreign returned Mandy Mausi’s garam masala macaroni and insipid ‘baked dish .

What happened? Did someone grab our world by its axis and send it free wheeling across the universe?

Within a matter of moments(or so it seemed) the world we grew up in disappeared and we were flung into an urban war-zone where none of the rules applied. From west is best to our adapted west to the east has all the answers, the world turned on its own axis. We were thrust into spotlight and we took up with all the aplomb and naivety of  the very young,  making rules as we went, only to collapse them and start all over. Confronted with stark paradoxes with no period of adjustment, we became just that- the generation of paradox.


So we have long live in relationships ending in abrupt break-ups and arranged marriages, world class businesses initiated on the basis of ‘lagna’ and mahuratas, stellar careers given up on the spur to live up to our own expectations of motherhood, nuclear families with joint-family decision making buried under the surface. We are the generation in-between. Talk about ABCDs?, We are the Indian born, cross-bred, confused yuppies- ICCYs anyone?

Not that we’re complaining. Some would say we have the best of both worlds and are riding high on the Indian growth wave.

But spare a thought for all our confusion. For the woman who’s trying to be as perfect as her mom and as professional as her unmarried boss at the same time. For the girl who resorts to an arranged marriage and has to explain the reason of her third break-up to a near stranger. For the newly married Mrs., balancing two extended families and a metrosexual MCP husband in her two frail hands. For all of us who live by our own set of rules. And yet somehow come up short.

Spare a thought for our paradoxes and let us laugh at their ridiculousness. We are the harbingers of change, of a better world. We’re the ashes from which a new Phoenix shall rise.

Here’s a toast to us- the confused, in between Mrs Yuppie!