When I was a kid, there was this  3-storey new building built right across our flat. It was pristine white and had huge french windows facing us. From our terrace, I could see big balconies- a harmony of green and white, shiny windows and  long lush drapes obscuring what lay inside, which made it even more tempting to my 12-year-old eyes. I imagined apartments of overflowing luxury within, colonial big beds, huge italian marbe drawing rooms, white embroidered table cloths- oh how lucky those people were. By contrast, my simple flat seemed basic and non-conducive to flights of fancy.

source: clipart

Even though that was the no-frills early 90s, that white building is one of my starkest memories of childhood (even as i say it, i can picture the hubby say,’oh, so thats why you like white houses!’). But when I did go back to it in reality, my ‘dream’ house looked shabby and very much has-been. We have moved on and how.

Picture perfect living is the dream. We all want interiors that match those showcased in magazines and showrooms. They look so easy to replicate, dont they?

Trust me, they are not.

We shift a lot. So we have always postponed buying ‘the’ furniture until we settled down. And the few times we did try buying stuff were bad experiments. Suffice to say most things that look hep and cool in those new-age back-to-nature scented showrooms won’t look nice if your force-fit them as interesting pieces in your otherwise boring living room.

Or as someone I know would say, ‘You have to have the taste…” And yes, I’m scared I do not. (And neither does she, so HA! HA!)

Anyway we have been putting off the interior work for years. And I have wistfully dreamt of white walls and warm wood all this time.

west elm headboard

But now back to reality. We’re ready to settle…well, kind of…and I just cant find what I’m looking for. Yes, I’ve been scouring the whole city for this one basket-weave headboard bed that I came across in passing in an ‘imported’ showroom in Ahmedabad ages back and I cant get it anywhere! And without that…i dont know what to buy. You know when you want that one elusive thing, everything else just seems to pale in comparison. That you may finally find the thing u were looking for and it may not live to your expectations is besides the point. Life is complicated.

Thank God I dont have to buy a sofa or else I would be crying over this brown leather-fabric hybrid I saw once in Lifestyle, Mumbai (back when Lifestyle had style) and I’m sure I wouldnt find it as well. Here is a close reprouction.

Paul Robert Brown leather sofa

Talk about post purchase dissonance- I have wishful purchase dissonance!