You know those days. When everything goes in and nothing comes out. The day just gets sucked into oblivion of the convention of black hole days (i believe i am a hi-value participator),  leaving no trace of purpose or accomplishment behind.

You wake up with a big workload hanging like a heavy, rusty damocles sword over your head and the clock ticks, but your brain doesnt. You shake off and make a big show of getting to work- clear your desk (in  my case unearth the dining table buried beneath household mess), shut off distraction (push two hollering kids out of the room), roll up your sleeves (finally shower at 12pm) and…nothing. Absolutely nothing works. You kick your brain, vainly cajole it, try and tease it awake, but like an insolent teen, it slams the door shut and refuses to cooperate.

As the day progresses, your brain becomes more and more sullen, but you refuse to give up. You take a break, believing that the poor chap needs one and then suddenly the whole afternoon slips by, gobbled up happily like the pacman monster. Nothing doing, you command it to work and it responds like a disgruntled watchman forced to wake up to open the gate at 2 am. It does the deed, but you wish you had gone somewhere else instead.

Finally it sinks in. Its just not going to work. Your boss (the itsy bitsy kids) is disgusted, your colleagues (the hubby) give you a wide berth and subordinates (the house help) chuckle sadistically. You are disgruntled, angry and so bloody FRUSTRATED…you wish there was a better word for it- or maybe there is but brain is not working.

At last you surrender to the black hole-into your brainless, senseless, idiot oblivion in peace.

Ahhh….TV…Watching nth rerun of How I met your mother….and lovin’ it!