1) That ‘Desh’ is like the ‘Rest-of-the-World’ on steroids. More people, more colour, more noise, more smells and more pollution than anywhere else you have been.

2) That despite all the research reports you proudly flaunted to the ‘goras’ in your air-conditioned, reflective glass-glazed offices, we still have a long way to go.

3) That even here you don’t understand what most people are saying in the market.

4) That you have a ‘pet’ name.

5) That despite all the growing up, Indian media and entertainment is wonderfully juvenile.

6) That the customer is always right. 

7) That you had forgotten that this was ‘real’ poverty. This was ‘real’ traffic.

8)That this is where the ‘real’ money was.

9) That there is still a child within you. The moment you land, you spread out, walk straighter and talk louder than normal.

10) That they say that there’s no place like home and if you are an Indian, that’s the eternal truth.  

And with that, to all my readers/fellow bloggers-A happy happy (albeit, a little belated) Diwali!