When I was 18 ( a very very long time back) my gang and I, with the infinite superiority of the very young and foolish, made a pact. When we would be 30 (that was the outer limit of our vision), we would NEVER:

1. Not be able to fit into our college  jeans.

2. Attend a Ladies Kitty Party. Never Ever.

3. Make kids center of existense. Never be the type to just sit around and look after kids (back then we thought mums who looked after kids could ‘sit around’).

4. If due to unforseen circumstance, were a housewife, not to feel sorry for self.

5. Struggle. For anything.

6. Whine about husbands, maid servants or extended family.

7. Have an arranged marriage.

8. Live abroad.

9. Be confused, insecure, nagging WIFE. Would be ideal girlfriend-type who guzzles beer, plays poker and watches tennis while trashing  house with abandon. 

10. Shout or scream at kids using blanket adult dogmas such as ‘Because I said so!’ ‘You’ll understand when you grow up!’  ‘You’ll thank me later!’ (Yeah, right. Kids will never thank you. Have you ever thanked your parents?)

11. Buy unnecessary, overpriced stuff that you don’t need just to feel better about your day.

12. Be like our moms. And be happy about it.

Oops! Turned out to be 12…could never count.

You know that saying: ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your future plans.’

I HATE that saying….