It’s an oft-repeated old childhood tale. The over confident hare who is used to winning, is one day trumped by the unlikely tortoise. The story isn’t clear about what happens next but one would assume the hare shamefacedly accepting defeat and grudgingly acknowledging his competitor.

Cut to real life. Backed by industrialisation and a modern navigation system, the hare (Britain)went about winning, colonizing ancient civilisations hundreds of miles away. So confused was he by his belief in his own superiority, that he thought the monarchy was for the people’s own good. Churchill himself openly declared that ‘those lesser breeds, without the law were better off under European rule than they would be under the tyranny of local despots’. To advance their rule, the Monarchy, like Lord , handed to its enemy the very weapons that would lead to its ultimate destruction. Like the modern English education system. Or the railways that mobilised cheap labour. This very english-speaking, cheap labour, slowly and steadily, led to British downfall. The IT industry, ignited by American innovation and fuelled by Asian implementation effectively pushed Britain off the map. Dollars flew from one corner of the earth to the other, bypassing the Atlantic.

The threat was at Britian’s door-even London isn’t immune- after losing its status as the ‘first city’ and the ‘biggest port’ , its now close to losing its premier position as a financial center. Britain is a has been. All the while, the world is tumbling to India’s door, with the promise of a huge market and growth is sight.

So what does the hare do? Does he, like his mature kiddie counterpart, graciously accept defeat and make way for the winner?

Not the British. The stiff upper lip that never wept quivers like a spoilt school boy at the prospect of defeat. He stamps his foot in frustration, angles for attention and when that fails, resorts to shouting insults in the lowest manner he can imagine.

So overcome by their frustration, a UK mom, Emma West rants racial abuse in a tram, declaring that her Britain is F*** all now.And that fellow passengers in the tram should go back to ‘where they came from’. They are not British as they are black.

And Jeremy Clarkson pastes abusive banners on Indian trains all the while driving around a Jaguar with a toilet seat in the country.

Its okay Jeremy, you did manage to get the eyeballs that you so desperately needed. Mostly from Indian viewers of course. Meanwhile Prime minister David Cameron rushed to distance himself from the show, claiming that he was caught on camera as he was exiting his house and really had nothing to do with the content of the show.

After all, the PM is desperate to keep UK’s ‘special relationship’ with India based on colonial dominance a century back.

India’s economy is growing three times the speed of UK’s.

The TATA group ins the largest manufacturing employer in Britain.

Indian companies employ 90,000 people in UK.

Despite all political will against immigration in UK, India-EU are poised to sign a new trade deal that will let thousands of indian workers to EU in exchange for access to the Indian market.

So, its okay Jeremy Clarkson, it takes time to get used to the other side.

Now be a good hare and give us an ovation!