I know I have been off for a loong time. Because I have been busy. Doing what, you ask. Well all the things that a writer and a stay-at-home mom do which when taken together and observed calmly from a rational distance somehow always amount to ‘nothing’. Yet nothing is as terribly important as nothing!

Yes so one family trip (dont u DARE call it a ‘Holiday’), two birthdays, two annual days, several bouts of family sickness, several social engagements (most of them were for the kids. And they are just 4 and 6!), few days dedicated to I-HAVE-TO-FINISH-THIS-BOOK-BY-DECEMBER later, I am back.

Only because I just had to show you this work:

Whadya think?I know its stereoype, I know its very Indian city, but what do you think-its a comic strip after all. From personal experience of living in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata- its not bad,eh?